This page is to answer any questions related the streaming issues and general functions of streaming.

Streaming ​Maintenance

Read the following 3 steps. These will help you to maintain a good streaming experience.

Restart Device

Restart you streaming device to ensure you have a fresh connection with your internet router.

Refresh Channels

Refresh your channels to ensure you always have the latest content.

Restart Wifi

Restart your wifi router to ensure you have the strongest signal from you internet provider

Buffering Issues

Buffering can be quite annoying. Sometimes there are a few factors that can contribute to this.

Run an internet speed test inside our steaming app to see what speed you are receiving. Instructions are below

Note: if you are not receiving at least 40mbs you will buffer.

In App Speed Test


Click the setting wheel to open app options


Select speed test to open and run test

If you are not getting at least 40mbs you will have buffering

Refresh Channels

On the Live Tv button click the directional pad down 1 time to highlight this section. Click to refresh channels.

Add Channels To Favorites

Locate any preferred channel and hold down the OK button & click add to favorite.

You will notice a star or heart icon next to the channel. Now you will see it in favorites

Update Login

Select the switch user icon

Scroll & highlight profile. Click & hold the select button and select "delete"

Select add user then enter login credentials.

Refresh Tv Guide

Select the settings icon

Select EPG

Select Refresh EPG

AT&T Customers

If you have AT&T for internet. Open your Smart Home Manager app on your phone. Click “my account” > active armor > at the bottom “cancel service” If active armor has not been activated then activate it first then turn around and cancel service.